Bid protests are rising rapidly in the federal contracts arena, as are the number of protests being sustained by GAO and the Court of Federal Claims. Both of these trends have enormously negative consequences for federal agencies. Participants in this course will learn what factors are fueling the rise in both filed protests and sustained protests, what types of procurement actions have heightened potential for protests, and effective techniques for minimizing protests and prevailing on protests. This course is an absolute “must” for procurement officials, source selection individuals, agency counsel, and program executives in the current market climate. Centre’s course 7 Steps to Avoid Bid Protests provides government contracting professionals key insight into why contractors file protests, how to mitigate protest risk, and how to win protests filed, taught by licensed attorneys who have represented industry clients large and small. This course can be offered on-site, off-site, at Centre’s location, virtually, on-demand, and web-based.

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