This mid-career level retirement planning course is targeted at employees at their mid-level career and providing them with an understanding of how their federal benefits will help them meet their retirement goals. Designed to meet the needs of employees who are more than 10 years away from retirement eligibility, this course will provide students with knowledge of investment strategies and management of their TSP, disability and survivor benefits, federal insurances and more so they can make more informed decisions about their retirement planning. Learning objectives include but are not limited to planning smooth transition into retirement, determining the most appropriate Federal benefit options and the best dates to retire, and understanding Social Security eligibility and survivor benefits. After completing this seminar, students will have a comprehensive understanding of how to set retirement savings goals, eligibility for retirement, computation of FERS and CSRS annuities and survivor benefits, Social Security, Estate Planning and how to best leverage their Federal benefits and make the best financial decisions. This course can be offered on-site, off-site, at Centre’s location, virtually, on-demand, and web-based.

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