Federal Training

Federal Training

Centre Law & Consulting is a leader in providing training to both government contractors and government agency personnel. Our trainers are successful consultants, attorneys and leaders with more than 30 years of experience. Our courseware is grounded in the best of adult learning theory and is continually updated for high performance success. In addition, Centre provides government contracting curriculum training. (FAC-C and FAC-COR)

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Centre Law & Consulting offers training courses both virtually led and in person. Agencies have the ability to utilize our state of the art facility or have our instructors travel on-site to your location.

  • Centre Law and Consulting is recognized as a certified education provided by the NCMA, DAU, and The Federal Acquisition Institute.
  • Continuing Legal Education, Continuing Learning Points and Continuing Education Units are also available.

Training Courses for Government Personnel

Centre is an established training facility with excellent track record of providing industry-leading federal contracting and acquisition training to over 20 federal agencies since 2002. Our experts offer a unique blend of training and consulting services to a broad range of federal and industry clients. Centre’s cadre of professionals include lawyers with federal contracting experience, industry leading curriculum development professionals, and more than 50 instructors and executive coaches, many of whom are nationally recognized experts in their respective fields.

Centre offers the latest courses in federal acquisition and contracting that are DAU and FAI approved.

Centre provides Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) courses that are DAU approved. Acquisition and contracting specialists need a foundational understanding of federal contracting and acquisitions, in a course designed to accommodate the busy workplace professional. These courses focus on understanding contract formation and management principles, as well as regulatory fundamentals and application. You will be immersed in the FAR and emerge knowledgeable of its effects on the government contracting process from Parts 1 through 53. Not only will you be able to locate and understand regulations, provisions, and clauses but you will also navigate the online FAR as you address realistic, scenario-based contracting problems.

Centre provides FAC-COR compliant Level I, II and III COR training, both in the classroom and onsite at agency venues. Training courses that details COR duties and responsibilities with an emphasis on enhancing skills in contract preparation, formation, and administration. Attendees will participate in discussion and class exercises that explore different aspects of contract administration and best practices for acquisition. Learn how to enhance key technical and general business competencies, apply key project management tools and techniques to track acquisition progress, and ensure successful acquisition outcomes in order to successfully fulfill your responsibilities.

These courses are tailored to the complex area of fiscal law and its impact in government contracting. We will identify the major fiscal law issues in contracting, to include obligations delayed by a pre-award bid protest; obligations upon the award of FAR Part 16 instruments; crossing fiscal years to fund service contracts; full and incremental funding; and the funding of changes and claims (including the competing views on those subjects)

Centre’s employment and labor law courses will help you and your company or agency stay current and compliant. Our instructors have more than 20 years of experience specifically advising federal agencies on contract labor issues, assisting in resolving labor standards conflicts between contractors and federal contracting officers, and providing agencies with the latest updates to both labor and labor-related procurement regulations.

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